Drass is a town in the Kargil District of Jammu and Kashmir, India on National Highway 1D (India) NH 1D. It is often called 'The Gateway to Ladakh'.The town shot into prominence in the summer of 1999 following Pakistani army incursions into Jammu and Kashmir. The Kargil War saw the town being shelled by the Pakistani army and the war ended with the Indian Army recapturing the areas surrounding the town and the Kargil district.
Dras is a town in the Kargil District of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is often called 'The Gateway to Ladakh'. It is at a height of 3230 m or 10990 ft. The mountain ridges however range from 16000 feet to 21000 feet.
The Dras valley starts from the base of the Zojila pass, the Himalayan gateway to Ladakh. For centuries, its inhabitants have been known to have negotiated this formidable pass even during the riskiest period (in late autumn or early spring, when the whole sector remains snow-bound and is subject to frequent snow storms) to transport trading merchandise and to help stranded travellers traverse the pass. They thereby established a monopoly over porterage during the heyday of the pan-Asian trade. A hardy people enduring with fortitude the harshness of the valley's winter, the inhabitants of Dras can well be described as the guardians of Ladakh's gateway.

Places of Interest

-Mushkoh Valley

A glaciated paradise, Mushkoh Valley is located 8 kilometres from Drass in an isolated region of Ladakh. Renowned for a great number of wild flowers that bloom here during the summer months, a trekking trail also begins here leading up to the site of Tilail in Gurez. The site is known to be uninhabitable and is an ideal place to view the white expanse of the surrounding glaciers.

-Drass War Memorial

Commemorating the martyrs of the 1999 Kargil War, this memorial, also known as “Vijaypath”, contains an epitaph bearing the names of all the brave officers and soldiers who died fighting for their country. Standing tall in a raw, barren and picturesque landscape, the memorial is visited by hundreds of tourists who come to pay their respects to the brave souls who sacrificed themselves for their nation.


Situated on the trail leading towards Amarnath, Minamarg rests 30 kilometres from Drass. The wonderful meadow of Minamarg rests right after Zoji La. Surrounded by the dazzling Machoi Glaciers and brimming with lush vegetation, this region is a wondrous sight. The region holds varieties of exotic flora making it a true paradise for all the nature lovers and enthusiasts.

- Manman Top

One of the most important places of the region, Manman Top is located 10 kilometres from Drass and offers the most spectacular view of the entire Drass Valley and the Line of Control. A sweeping view of the surrounding mountain ranges of the great Himalayas can also be seen from here.

-Laser La

The unexplored site of Laser La makes a charming hill station located about 14 kilometres from Drass. This lovely site is known for the dazzling milky white of the water that flows through here and the Laser La glacier which is located here. The enclosing Rocky Mountains give an enchanting sight from this region. The wonderful expanse of the Himalayan mountains here provides a respite from the hassles of the daily life. An adventurer’s paradise, the Himalayas are home to unbeatable landscapes providing an ideal ground for adventure activities. In spite of the dispute between India and Pakistan over this northernmost Indian state, these beautiful regions of Jammu and Kashmir like Drass, Kargil etc., still make an excellent site for trekking and vacation.